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From now until 10/31 (midnight PST), get more than 50% off my bestselling fitness programs

To celebrate the fall season, I'm setting you up for fitness consistency success with a huge discount on my bestselling fitness programs. ALL of these programs include follow-along videos, so you just hit "play," follow the provided calendar, and get in an amazing workout.

Give yourself a gift or give one to a friend.

Details about each product are below. Sale ends at midnight on 10/31. 

Barre Bootcamp 1.0

Follow-along workout videos and plan

  • 5 follow-along full-length workouts
  • Designed to build lean muscle, improve core function, and range of motion
  • 4-week plan to follow for optimal results
  • ALL around 30 minutes. You just need a light set up dumbbells
Get your workouts HERE for $29 (reg. $59)

Barre Bootcamp 2.0

Follow-along workout videos and plan

  • 6 follow-along full-length workout videos
  • Designed to challenge you with dynamic and graceful movements to build a lean, strong body
  • 4-week plan to follow
  • ALL around 30 minutes and all you need is a set of light dumbbells
Getyour workouts HERE for $29 (reg. $79)

HIIT Bootcamp

Follow-along workout videos and plan


  • 4 follow-along full-length workouts
  • Designed to increase strength, burn fat, and blast calories, using dumbbells only
  • Modifications provided
  • Full plan to follow
  • BONUS Meal planning guide
Get yours HERE for $29 (reg. price $59)

Hi, I'm Gina

Hi! I'm Gina. I'm a NASM-certified Personal Trainer and Women's Fitness specialist, Precision Nutrition coach, Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2, an author ("HIIT It!" and "HIIT for Women"), the founder of fitnessista.com, and the voice behind the Healthy In Real Life podcast.

After 14 years in the fitness industry, women and clients constantly tell me that they struggle with time, consistency, and motivation. They might know what to do, but have a hard time executing their plans because they don't align with their goals or make sense for their life. They hop from plan to plan, without a consistent routine in place, that has left them feeling defeated from a lack of results and motivation.

I'm here to help you wade through all of the "noise" in the fitness industry and find simple solutions to make fitness a FUN, consistent, and rewarding part of your life. I've helped thousands of women all over the world experience muscle gains, fat loss, increased energy, confidence, and more enjoyment from their fitness routines. Let's go after a healthy, vibrant and joyful life together!


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For my friends who are looking to sculpt lean muscles, a strong core, improve posture and follow a structured barre-based plan. 

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For those who love studio barre classes and want the structure of a routine. This is a dynamic and fun series of workouts with follow-along videos for motivation.

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For those who want full follow-along videos for motivation. Focused on cardio drills, the metabolism boosting power of interval training, and challenging strength sets.  Modifications are provided as well as a balanced training plan for optimal results.

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